Welcome to Lilah Clay: Poet and Writer

Welcome to my creative writing website!  Here I offer my literary and teaching services and feature my original poetry for your reading pleasure.
As a life long writer, my mission is to carve the words out like doors to access forgotten rooms into my deeper self and invite you in to yours.

Some exciting features include the recent completion of my fourth manuscript, The Book of Wind and Stone.  The novel excerpt is available under Books.  Seventeen poems from Tonight the Wind Rebels are also available to be read under Poetry.  I’ve had the pleasure of burning my poems into a pair of mango wood sculptures by the fabulous artist Tim Garcia, and look forward to more creative collaborations under Services.

Poetry Reading Taos 2013

Please enjoy a recent video my reading of “Tonight The Wind Rebels” recorded April 25th, 2013 in Taos, NM.

Tell Me

Now a poem for artists from all walks of life:


I am at the edge again.
This time
without the sun
or the birds
or the silver guard rail
pounding moonlight
into my branches.

I have
whittled down
the last tree
into a spoon
from which I plan to drink
the ink of night
from the eyeliner
of Egyptian folklore.
I will die a Cleopatra
at the tail of a century
you have never tasted
that I have
already lived,
in the bloody hollows
of my mind.

They say artists are mad–
old fashioned for crazy.

They say all sorts of things.
But who else has
slayed the lion
with a single drop
of poetry?
Who else has given
the moon scarlet
fever over their
naked being?

Tell me why
I’ve been pinned down
by the bearded irises
in meadows flat
as glass,
why I have been stung
by the viper
and lived
to walk
on the elbows
of someone else’s dream?